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21 April
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Well, lesse...I am 24...tall, slender...something of a goth...black hair...it's natural though (on me...heh). Proud mother of a 6 year old. His name is Yoshihiro. I call him Yoshi-chan. My s/o's name is Kulta...we have a few complications but love stronger than anything this side of the universe.

Our multiple code ^^ This is a me-fronting version because as I mentioned Ca is not the main anymore (but the age and other such things still refer to the body):
MuC N [f;f/m/a/*/?] S.Hf&S.Uv+/H+/S.He/S.Hm/?/S.Uv+ A(b- r---!/+++!!) Os/w/r/c/i/n Wf/m^/w/e- Cc+ I*~! OF++ Ppsi!/obe-/ext-/ast!!!/cry-/spi++/pre!/mag!!!!!!! Fp+^/x/eb/~+/w+ T+++# Xs1|!(g/s/b/a/t/^!@|) Js~ R C+ So